Our first commitment is to the multi-dimensional development of each child. Montessori children do amass a great deal of factual knowledge in school. However, our aim is for each child to find personal inspirations and interests, as well as a desire to learn. Through careful attention to children’s social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development, we can foster a peaceful, engaging atmosphere of learning.

In our classrooms children are given choices and a great deal of freedom. By offering such choices a child develops vast character qualities, including responsibility and pride in learning. Following work through to completion, while working independently or in cooperation with others, the Montessori child moves towards the “normalization” process, or Maria Montessori’s ultimate goal of student lead education.

  • Peaceful Communication
  • Care for our Environment
  • Nurturing Behaviors
  • Multi-sensory Learning
  • Respect
  • Forgiveness